A.G., Field Artist

I was born and raised on the South Shore of Montréal, a 30 minute drive from the metropolis, in the suburbs of Mont-Saint-Hilaire and Otterburn Park. I always had a passion for knowledge and for developing technical skill, whether it was in drawing/painting or in playing musical instruments.

My father was and is an artist, so I was exposed to the arts at a young age. I was encouraged to express myself artistically. In 1997, I attended Trebas Institute in Computer-Assisted Sound Design and graduated with honors.

I've been composing music and painting seriously, regularly since I was a teen. I always loved music and so learned to play the guitar and piano as soon as I could. I painted and also wrote a great deal of poetry and wrote dozens of short novels.

Eventually, I decided that I wanted to "inform" my art practice, so I began studying art history, aesthetics, the philosophy of art and philosophy and critical theory in general. At the time, I was also reading a great deal of literature, from Camus to Dostoevsky to James Joyce et al.

I ended up becoming an independent scholar. Now I am an interdisciplinary artist-researcher. My domains are ART | HISTORY | PHILOSOPHY.

In the Summer of 2001, I began an interdisciplinary art-research project called The History-Project. It all began with a simple question, Can one paint Concepts? That led to the actual research question for the Project, namely, "to paint the Concept(s) of History".

I worked on this project for many years, developing my own style in painting as well as writing and recording over 1000 songs. I also wrote novels and philosophical essays.

I was extremely prolific starting in the mid-to-late 1990s. I am now working on the sequel to The History-Project, which was also the name of a novel, within the greater interdisciplinary art-research project. It is calle The Archives-Project.

The plot for the novel called The History-Project was simple. A group of intellectuals from various disciplines come together to try to figure out why there is a higher rate of depression, anxiety disorders, and suicide, in the Greater Montreal Region. The characters come together to study this question, and end up delving pretty deeply into the regions history.

As the plot goes, the History-Project, the name of the fictional project WITHIN the novel of the same name (within the interdisciplinary art-research project of the same name) is an abject failure. This sets the scene for the secon novel, The Archives-Project, which has the same characters coming together to try to figure out WHY the History-Project was such a disaster.

These works of fiction, and many others that I have writen over the years, are part of a kind of "Cycle" of stories I am calling The Revolt of Fiction.

Nowadays, I am practicing what I call "Field Art", a mix of working "in the field" on "field sites" making "field recordings", and also working "in the lab" at home in my art studio called The Historiothèque. I do digital designs, visual and auditory. I also write music, essays, novels, and have a vibrant professional painting practice.