What value do I bring?

I am loyal to my audience, customers, spectators, readers, listeners, etc. This is my sole constituency. Everything I do is done with the highest level of excellence possible for me at the time, and I am always optimizing every aspect of my art practice. Always for the good of the community of art enthusiasts.

The Painter's Almanach

Basically, I developed my very own yearly calendar, largely based on a synthesis of commonly used calendars in the mordern era. 

The Axiology of First Witness

There's really nothing like seeing me work live, in the workshop. If you happen to be in the Montreal area (Qc), then you should really contact me to try to set up a visit of the official Historiothèque, my modular workspace.

Not For Sale - I explain

Currently, none of my works are up for sale. It's a long story, but the gist of it is that the kind of art that I make, of the highest quality, is something that needs to age a little before it ca be "shipped out". That is why I keep and keep maintaining my own personal archives. It's not merely a marketing strategy, it's because it's a delicate subject.

Production-Year 2017-2018 Already Completed

I'm happy to say that the current Production-Year, 2017-2018, has already been completed. I am now planning for ¨Production-Year, 2018-2019. I will be giving hints over the next year or so as to what you should expect from my Studio now and upto 2019-2020. (Edit: I have already produced my Official Declaration of Production-Year 2019-2020, which you can find @


Technically, there are no FAQs for the moment, concerning my art practice as well as my independent research. There are subprojects scheduled, coming up, that will continue to explain every last bit of what I do, in basic French and English. I am permitting myself some measure of Mystique for a small part of what I do. Most of it is an open- book, but as anyone else, I am permitted to keep a small secret garden. And I can't wait for you to see what I have in store for all STAKEHOLDERS.