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Field artist


As a Field artist, after 30 years of production,  I work both "in-the-field" as well as in my Studio/Atelier called "The Historiotheque". In the field, I do audio recordings, take photographs and videos, and take notes too (and other "data logging" methods). When I get back to The Historiothèque, I put all of my experiences and observations into new art productions.

I began painting when I was a child and never stopped practicing my craft. I began writing and recording music in my teens and ended up getting a degree in Computer-Assisted Sound Design. I've also been writing since as far as I can remember, fiction and non-fiction, everything from poetry to novels to philosophical and other essays.

I see myself as a kind of World-Watcher. I look at the world around me and interpret it artistically, aesthetically, into my art production. I often say, "This isn't about me," meaning that what is important is the subject of the work, not the person doing it. I want people to look at my work and then maybe start seeing the world a little differently.

Art Operations


My methodology is the methodology of Art Operations. Everything is set up as a manufacturing operation, using a basic continuous flow process. The Art Operation, ArtOps for short, takes in raw materials and other inputs, "operates" on them through an elaborate refining process, and produces "outputs", i.e. art productions, cultural artifacts, etc.

The Historiothèque


I work in my art studio for which I have given the name, The Historiothèque. It is a modular workspace, with "variable geometry", as they say. That is, it is a workspace that I can use to do anything I want, designed to be modular, i.e. it can and does function as a recording studio, as an art studio, as an office and "Art Operations Control Center". It also includes and functions as an Archive which is integral to the whole process.

Ongoing Projects

The Datatypes Project: Abstract Assembly


The Datatypes Project: Abstract Assembly is an artistic project meant to make artistic and philosophical representations of concepts from mathematics and theoretical (and applied) computer science. The idea is to show how mathematical + data structures can be found around us in everyday life.

The Archives-Project


The Archives-Project is an interdisciplinary Art-Based Practice Research Project that I have been working on for the last few years. The Archives-Project includes a series of works of visual art, both digital and analog, as well as a novel of the same name.

Signal Science


As a sound designer and musical composer, recording artist with more than 20 years of experience, I have adapted my sound design methodology and applied it to other domains, such as image processing, writing, and so forth. "Signal Science" is the name I give to a cluster of concepts I developed through ambient experimental sound design. It involves a signal-based perspective on the universe and everything in it.

Contact Me


As an artist, feedback is not only always welcome, it is an integral part of my practice. Please, if you have anything to say about me or my work, send me a message. I will try to get back to you in a timely manner. Thanks in advance.

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